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Ayurveda has a health system can be used in three primary ways:
- for wellness
- to prevent and treat simple disorders
- to prevent and cure chronic and difficult disorders



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News from Atreya

  • » New links on science cover up / vaccines
    28 July 2021
    I cannot post this information in a more obvious place on my website due to the suppression of science and factual information on the dangers of covid vaccines and other methods to (...)
  • » Chemical treatments for Corona virus
    Hello, I received this information in an email from a very close friend who works with a number of doctors treating Covid / Corona virus on the front line in hospitals throughout the (...)
  • Jyotish predictions for 2021
    » Jyotish predictions for 2021
    Jyotish predictions for 2021
  • » Corona virus & vaccines
    posted August 3, 2020
    The science behind vaccines and Corona virus Vaccines generate antibodies, and when someone gets antibodies to Corona virus they risk getting ADE (Antibody Disease Enhancement), which (...)
  • » Corona Virus & Jyotish - 8 March 2020
    These are some observations with dates concerning the Corona virus (COVID-19). As all Jyotisha know epidemics and pandemics are the work of the Nodes, Rahu and Ketu. This is a possible (...)
  • » Updates from Atreya - Feb 2020
    Namaskar! It is many years since I sent out a newsletter. Many things have changed over the years and I would like to tell you about some of these changes. The first point is that I (...)
  • » 03 January 2020
    Happy New Year for 2020! Last September, I started the procedure to have my school EIVS accredited by the Swiss government organisation OdA-AM (Organisation du monde du travail de la (...)
  • » 01 Jan 2019
    Namaskar, Welcome to the new year! Due to the increase of pain in my neck and back (absence of discs between vertebrae) I will no longer be teaching any additional workshops or (...)
  • » 02 jan 2018
    Happy New Year ! Wishing everyone a very healthy, happy year for 2018 ! We have a busy year planned with courses starting again in French through e-learning and new schools opening up (...)
  • » 28 August 2017
    Dear Friends, At the end of July I had a small motorcycle accident and broke my right ankle and shoulder. I will not recover the full use of my right arm before October. At this time I (...)
  • » Jan 2017 new formulas
    Hello, I have added five new formulas to the EIVS shop today. Here are the formulas: 163. Hypothyroid possible autoimmune disorder (Majjadhatu) Dosage: Anupana: Vata 3-5 grams per (...)
  • » 09 January 2017
    First of all I would like to wish you all a very good year in 2017. As many of you have noted I no longer see patients in France. Due to health reasons (back & neck) I have had to (...)
  • » The Mind is not a problem
    The Mind is not an enemy
    The Avadutha Gita has been one of my favorite books for more than 25 years. Why am I posting this chapter Five of the Avadutha Gita from Dattatreya? There are many paths in the Indian (...)
  • » Interview with Atreya 24 Jan 2016
    A young French man named Guillaume Laflaquiere asked to interview me. As we where not able to do this in person, or on Skype (because one of us was always in India) we have done the (...)
  • » News from 27 October 2015
    I am very happy with our new program on using herbs according to Ayurveda.
  • » News from 7 March 2015
    My last textbook is out! Released at the end of January this completes the four volume series of my teaching material. Clinical Protocols and Treatments in Ayurveda (Volume 3) (...)
  • » Newsletter December 2014
    Apprenticeship at Dr. Joshi’s clinic
    Namaskar! Many of you have asked me or Dr Joshi about the possibility of doing an apprenticeship at Dr. Joshi’s clinic. At this moment there is an unique possibility to do this in (...)
  • Herbal medicine according to Ayurveda
    » Newsletter 24 June 2014
    Namaskar ! Many of you have expressed interest over the years about learning Dravyaguna, or herbal medicine according to Ayurveda. Beginning in September I will be teaching this subject (...)
  • » Newsletter 22 November 2013
    Dear Friends, I would like to share news with you about my current projects. Two year ago I started a project with several friends. This project concerns the disappearance of medicinal (...)
  • 25 September 2013
    » Newsletter 25 September 2013
    Dear Friends, I am writting from Nagpur, India where I am finsihing a Pancha Karma with Dr Sunil V. Joshi. Thanks to his help my health is returning and I am able to continue my work (...)
  • » News from 27 August 2013
    Thanks to all of you that have sent your support over the last year. It has been very meaningful and supportive to know that so many of you care about my health and work. I have several (...)
  • » News 28 July 2013
    I have confirmed several teaching programs outside of Europe for those of you interested you can see dates and places by clicking here.
  • » Newsletter 16 July 2012
    Dear Friends, I hope you are all enjoying a nice summer and are dry (raining a lot isn’t it?) and warm. Hopefully you are laying on a beach someplace relaxing. Best wishes, Atreya Smith (...)
  • » Newsletter 23 Jan 2012
    Dear Friends, Happy New Year for 2012! Best wishes, Atreya Smith Ayurvedic use of Herbs for Women I am offering a one day workshop on the Ayurvedic use of Herbs for Women in Zurich (...)
  • » Newsletter 23 aug 2011
    Dear Friends, I am writing to let you know about different events and news about my work in Zurich and the world. Best wishes, Atreya Smith Twitter: atreyaAYURVEDA Ayurvedic (...)
  • » News 12 November 2012
    Dear Friends, As some of you may know I have suffered from a degenerative disorder in the spine since 1972. I was diagnosis with a genetic problem in the vertebrae that inhibited (...)
  • » News update July 2013
    Great day for me, I have closed my school in France and I am free to write, blog and tweet....... well almost. As soon as I can finish up the last of the administration. It was a very (...)


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