Students testimonials from the Ayurveda training

"Dear Atreya and Girija,
Thanks a lot for this wonderful ayurvedic formation in Nagpur. Dr Joshi is an amazingly good teacher in addition to his recognized mastership of ayurveda.
He really lit up the flame for us to spread ayurveda in the west, and I am glad to be part of it!"
OM! Nathalie

"When I started the course I was told it would be life changing and it truly has been. The Ayurveda journey is one that I look forward to continuing for the rest of my life."

"The Ayurveda course is brilliant and Atreya a fantastic teacher. "

"Just wanted to thank you for another amazing five days. I am really going to miss not getting together when we have finished."

"Thank you for another great week."
Laura White

"Well another really fascinating week over. I really enjoyed the input, the teaching and the information."

"The combination Atreya’s practical experience, down-to-earth teaching style, and humour, makes studying this course very enjoyable & worthwhile. Thanks."

"Atreya Smith clarifies the enormous amount of information into user friendly accessible tools. Atreya’s own work and commitment to education brings Ayurveda into the modern western world with ease. I am inspired by his knowledge and encouraged by his true belief that Ayurveda is the modern worlds way forward. Because he has broken down the text, he has helped me enormously to really fall in love with Ayurveda with all its complexities and simplicities."

"It has been an incredible journey of discovery where everything fits like a jigsaw and the big picture makes so much sense. Thank you Atreya for bringing Ayurveda into my life, and for being such a good teacher."

Student comments from 2019-2020

"Thanks for sending the diploma and marks. All well received. Thank you for your teaching this year. I have learned an enormous amount, which feels like a important gain in an incredible journey of discovery and fascination to a very deep subject. I’m looking forward to notching up (hopefully) another milestone next year - after a good relaxing break. Hope you will enjoy some peace and tranquility from the teaching. I have valued your constant weekly work pressure with feedback. Unbelievably, this is something that we never received in the entire year at my previous training (in the UK) - not a single piece of work was ever responded to or marked! "

"I am so glad I finally joined your class after wandering for so many years in the hope of finding a place where I could learn Ayurveda. During these 5 long years I mainly found people interested by taking my money and not even teaching me in exchange. All this time I thought that these teachers were a very bad example for their students : what to expect from the future practitioners if the persons supposed to be an example in medicine behave like dishonest merchants? This year spent with you in study was such an amazing contrast with all these "teachers" I had before : I felt a depth of implication from you, and that you really cared about us becoming people truly able to help others. I haven’t met such dedication and enthusiasm before. And of course, I learnt a lot. And need to memorize and apply all of this. I feel very lucky and grateful to have you as a teacher. I hope you will have the time to have a good rest."

"There are a multitude of courses and training nowadays available. This is a much more favorable position for students compared to some decades ago and can be attributed to the inherent effectiveness and subsequent growing demand for Ayurveda as a safe and deeply therapeutic healing science. I am particularly happy to have trained with Vaidya Atreya Smith who is not only learned in the Vedic sciences but a practicing clinician of several decades.
I have found training with EIVS to be very comprehensive, logical with a natural progression, thorough and thankfully deeply rooted in authentic Ayurveda.
I think the level of training is perhaps more rigorous than some other training programs and is subsequently best for those who wish to give themselves a solid foundation of Ayurvedic education as well as get themselves of to a very good start working with patients. A sign of an accomplished teacher is how they are able to simplify an otherwise potentially complicated subject and this is very true of learning with EIVS.
In a lot of ways, the study has been quite transformational for myself personally and I am incredibly grateful for this.
Another very useful feature of the training is the support throughout the course continues if necessary after completion of training. Working clinically can present challenging, rare and unique situations in which a second opinions or experienced guidance is invaluable, so this is helpful.
I had the good fortune of having some knowledge of Ayurveda prior to starting the course and it was this which helped me decide to do my training with EIVS. I can highly recommend the training and hope to see the progression of such institutes and their work in our life time."

Student comments from 2020-2021

Thank you so so much for all your efforts of teaching the wisdom of Ayurveda, also with your critical and humorous view in our current world. And also with all your homework that you "push“ to really get a deeper understanding and try to become better Ayurveda therapists to heal and help people.
Jeannine M2.3

Thank you so much for being so accommodating throughout this course, for your assistance, and for being so understanding. I enjoyed this course so much and am so glad I got the chance to take it. I cannot thank you enough. My dream would be to become an Ayurvedic doctor but as you know right now I am just trying to get healthy myself. My original goals in life were to become an allopathic Physician’s Assistant. However, after taking your courses, and having a lot of time to reflect on my life, I realized I would never be able to prescribe people allopathic medications everyday in good conscience and I would be required by law to do so. Regardless of what I end up doing, I learned so much from your courses and it has been a great experience learning from you. I will use this knowledge for the rest of my life.
Erin M2.3

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