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Ayurveda has a health system can be used in three primary ways:
- for wellness
- to prevent and treat simple disorders
- to prevent and cure chronic and difficult disorders



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Pathology & Diagnosis in Ayurveda (Vol 2) This textbook explains clearly the Ayurvedic understanding of pathology and how to diagnosis the different stages of disease in the body and mind. Based on the functional nature of Ayurvedic Anatomy & Physiology Ayurvedic pathology recognizes several steps before disease as we know it in the West manifests. [ Read more ] » All our books
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Here are a number of articles written for the most part by Atreya over the last 20 years.

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  • Disorders of Mother’s Milk - Nursing
    Caraka, Sushruta and Vagbhata agree that there are three basic causes to modify or change mother’s milk and make it unwholesome for the baby. They are: 1. Nutritional factors –wrong (...)
  • How to Make Vacha Nasya Oil
    Using Acorus calamus (Vacha) to make Nasya Oils In my book "Dravyaguna for Westerners" the monograph on Acorus calamus (Vacha) speaks about making a Nasya Oil (for treatment of Vata (...)
  • Four ways to know reality
    Caraka and the Acquisition of Knowledge
    Several years I was editing some the work from a student named Alex Duncan and was shocked at the total misunderstanding he had about the four classical ways humans acquire knowledge. (...)
  • Polyarthritis
    Kaphaja type Polyarthritis
    I had an interesting case last week. The thing that was so interesting about it was that it was a pathology started and maintained by Kapha. There were no signs of Vata involvement, (...)
  • Tendonitis
    Tendonitis treatment in Ayurveda
    Ayurvedic medicine recognizes that all disease is the result of doshic imbalance. Therefore, all diseases are classified first by dosha that is implicated in the disorder (Roga) and (...)
  • Endometriosis from an Ayurvedic View
    Endometriosis is a disorder that touches Kapha Prakriti women more than other constitutions. It is also very common in Kapha / Pitta or Kapha / Vata women. This disorder is hard to (...)
  • What is Nourishment According to Āyurveda
    By Vaidya Ātreya Smith
    Introduction In order to define what nourishment is according to Āyurveda we need to understand the context of Āyurveda as both a medical system and world vision. Āyurveda is based on the (...)
  • Ayurvedic Medicine, Spa and Wellness
    The history of traditional Indian health care – Ayurveda – is shrouded in mystery because Indian culture felt that writing was an inferior method of record keeping. Indian’s are well known (...)
  • A Vision of Cancer From an Ayurvedic Perspective
    Cancer cells are always present in the body. Traditional Indian Medicine, Ayurveda, has a unique vision concerning the mechanism that prevents the growth of cancer cells in the human (...)
  • Pharmacology of Consciousness
    Author: Vaidya Atreya Smith
    The Vedic system of knowledge from which Āyurveda originates states that all matter is derived from consciousness. This vision perceives the universe as an intelligent, conscious whole. (...)
  • Ayurvedic Phytotherapy - Part I
    Author: Vaidya Atreya Smith
    Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medical system, offers many advantages in its approach to phytotherapy. Medical historians consider Ayurveda to be the oldest medical system in the (...)
  • Ayurvedic Phytotherapy - Part II
    Author: Vaidya Atreya Smith
    In Ayurvedic medicine there is a clear distinction between the person and illness. There are two different treatment protocols for the individual and the disease. In Ayurveda the (...)
  • The Relevance of Ayurveda to Yoga
    Author: Vaidya Atreya Smith
    One of the oldest and most interesting scriptures of Yoga is the Yoga Vasistha. This text is the third longest book in the world and its age is approximately 7000 years old. This text (...)
  • Biochemical and Ayurvedic Nutrition
    Author: Vaidya Atreya Smith
    This is a supplement section to the main part of the book that was removed. Initially this section was a primary part of the book. However, I feared that it might be too complicated or (...)
  • Heart Meditations
    Author: Vaidya Atreya Smith
    These meditations or exercises can be very helpful in daily life. The heart meditation exists in various traditions throughout the world to help promote peace, love a harmony in the (...)
  • Ayurveda: A Way of Life
    Author: Vaidya Atreya Smith
    A new system of health care has arrived in Europe and is integrating itself into our lives. This ’new’ method actually has a 5000-year history of use and is the oldest continually (...)
  • Concepts in Life and Yoga
    Author: Vaidya Atreya Smith
    Ayurveda and Yoga are sisters - Ayurveda is the physical aspect and Yoga is the mental and spiritual aspect. The practice of hatha yoga and yoga asana fall under the realm of Ayurveda (...)
  • The Ayurvedic Understanding of Aphrodisiacs
    Author: Vaidya Atreya Smith
    Perhaps the most important aspect of life for humans is sex and sexual relations. The ancient Ayurvedic system felt that this aspect of life was important enough to devote a whole (...)
  • Atherosclerosis: An Ayurvedic Perspective
    Author: Brenden Skudder
    Atherosclerosis is a form of the disease arteriosclerosis defined as thickening and hardening of the arterial walls. According to modern medicine arteriosclerosis is a natural occurring (...)
  • Vitalizing Herbs - Jivaniya
    Author: Brenden Skudder
    As mentioned in the Mahakashaya of Caraka Samhita The herbs listed in the group Jivaniya are those herbs that have life promoting actions. The major aspect that sustains life is prana; (...)

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