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Jyotish predictions for 2021

Jyotish predictions for 2021 (sidereal zodiac using Lahiri Ayanamsa)

After receiving the year-end newsletter from the main association of Vedic astrology in the USA, I was highly disappointed by the lack of predictions and comments in general. This has forced me to write a few words about what may happen in 2021 and beyond. The upcoming years are showing a number of trends that no one is addressing, so I am being forced to write something. Please note that I am reviewing the charts of 3 countries in this post as they are the 3 places I am connected to in my life; France, Switzerland and the USA.

Mundane astrology is the branch of astrology that deals with the planetary influences on nations, cities, organizations, etc. It is different than natal astrology and uses different rules as we are looking at groups of people, not individuals. My point of view for these three countries is as an outsider, so hopefully more objective. This may allow a different point of view than what is usually given these days by people living in these countries.

The first point to bring up is that Saturn is in its own sign of Capricorn and had an exact conjunction with debilitated Jupiter on the winter solstice of 21st December 2020. Saturn is much stronger than Jupiter in this placement and Jupiter is very weak, giving up much of its power to Saturn. This will tend to influence the next 20 years until these two planets meet again.

An overview of Saturn is that he rules poverty, the masses – especially the working or servant class – and he tends to remove what is non-essential. Saturn also controls the agriculture, manufacturing, construction and low-tech jobs, as well as employment in general for the masses.

An overview of debilitated Jupiter in Capricorn conjunct Saturn is that he rules politics, government, administrative positions, teaching, law, financial institutions, astrologers and authority in general. All these indications become negative, or weak in the sense that they will not function correctly, or will give the opposite results compared to strong positions.

The more planets that re-group around Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn the more likely conflict with authorities is likely.

As I explained in my post Corona Virus & Jyotish - 8 March 2020 it is clear to me that the start of the Corona virus and its many mutations began on the 28th September 2019 when Rahu entered Ardra Nakshatra. It is likely that the “pandemic” will last three years and is being used by governments world wide to create fear and oppression. There is no doubt that the virus is real and there is also no doubt that the manner it is being dealt with is manipulative, illogical, un-scientific and damaging to Human Rights. Do not expect this to end in 2021 or even 2022.

The French chart (21 September 1792 at 12h48, Paris)

This chart has a Scorpio Ascendant which shows the basic health and identity of the country. In the French chart Mars and the Moon are conjunct in the Ascendant or 1st house in Scorpio. This chart has three debilitated planets in it, Moon, Saturn and Venus. All three planets are corrected in the Navamsha chart, but Jupiter is Bhavagottama moves from the 12th house to debilitation in the Navamsha 12th house. This shows problematic relations with other countries, trade and treaties, which apparently look good on the surface, but become problematic once implemented.

For 2021 the weakness of Jupiter will cause strained relations in the EU and neighboring countries. As the transiting planets of Saturn and Jupiter happens in the 3rd house of the French chart communications and trade will be disrupted with neighboring countries. Practically this can mean trouble with all of Europe, but as we can see most clearly it will drag out for several months of problems with the UK due to Brexit. Do not expect the trade issues with the UK to be improved until the end of April 2021 and solved until after the 13th of April 2022. This is due to weak Bindu in the Ashtakavarga charts for Jupiter in Capricorn and Aquarius.

The real issue for France as a country is that since the 21 December 2020 it has entered the 19-year period of Saturn. This is called the Mahadasha of Saturn and will be difficult as Saturn is situated in the 6th house of work and health. Other issues of the 6th house are political stability, financial solvency of the nation, management of debts, litigations, and labor relations. Saturn represents the workers in any country and this placement of Saturn will tend to make the working class of France poor, or poorer than now. We are looking at 19 years of financial difficulty for France as a whole and most importantly for the masses of normal people. France is headed into major economic recessions and poverty as can be seen already from mid 2020. These long Mahadasha cycles of slow planets tend to start months before the actual dates.

The major transits of Saturn and Jupiter in the 3rd house in Capricorn during January, February and March will trigger strikes and conflicts between workers and government authorities. The peak periods of discontent are from 14 January to 20 February. From the 22nd February to 14th April look for the government use of police and army to oppress the public with major conflicts possible just before the 26th March. From the end of February to the middle of April is dangerous for civil conflict with the police, and from the 10th to 14th April possible major conflicts as Venus the 12th ruler moves into the 6th and aspects the 12th houses. Peace may be possible as Jupiter leaves Capricorn on the 6th April and may be able to negotiate an agreement and avoid civil conflict.

The new Moon chart for January shows difficulties for the current government and it looks like they will continue to try and use oppressive tactics on the population (Mars conjunct Natal Saturn; Ketu conjunct the Ascendant). These planetary alignments show the use of force (police / army) from a place of weakness, not strength. The Sun is weak for the new moon chart and thus indicates a weak government for 2021. They will try to further oppress people and will not open negotiations until early April.

Looking at the French charts it seems likely that the government will continue to use COVID-19 as an excuse to restrict and oppress the public until 17th March 2022. Another way to look at the charts also shows restrictions on health until the 24th December 2023. It is very likely that the weak government will exploit any health concerns, such as COVID, in order to try and strengthen their weakness. No matter what they try the economy will go into depression and the public will become increasingly dissatisfied and poor. This current 19-year Saturn period will support the normal people provided they organize and take action to limit the government. If this is not done then the only result can be oppression and poverty.

These are the critical time periods in the year 2021:
Five planets in Capricorn from the 14 to 15 January (Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Moon & Sun)
Four planets in Capricorn from the 15 to 26 January (Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury & Sun)
Four planets in Capricorn from the 28 January (Saturn, Jupiter, Venus & Sun)
Five planets in Capricorn from the 05 February (Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus & Sun)
Six planets in Capricorn from the 10 to 11 February (Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Sun & Moon)
Four planets in Capricorn from the 12 to 20 February (Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury & Venus)
Four planets in Taurus from the 15 to 26 May (Sun, Rahu, Mercury & Venus)
1st to 29th January (Ketu conjunct the Ascendent) = public vs government, conflict
4th August to 4th September (Ketu conjunct natal Moon in debilitation) = public unrest
14th September to 20th November (debilitated Jupiter returns to Capricorn) = EU conflict
11th to 15th December (Mars conjunct Natal Mars & Ketu) = conflict

JPG - 187.9 kb

The Switzerland chart (12 September 1848, at 12h55, Bern)

This chart has a Scorpio Ascendant which shows the basic health and identity of the country. The Swiss chart has two exalted planets in it, both of whom become debilitated in the Navamsha chart weakening their indications. Switzerland is currently ending a long 17-year period of Mercury. Currently the Mahadasha of Mercury / Saturn began in July 2020 and is ending the long period of economic prosperity. Already the economic boom of the last 15 years is ended and many people have lost or are losing their jobs. This will continue for the next two years until the 13th of March 2023 when the Ketu Mahadasha period begins. From now until March 2023, we will see a contraction of the Swiss economy and increasing unemployment.

What is likely to happen during the next two years as the economy contracts is a national contraction. Meaning that the Swiss will realize that having so many workers coming from outside is not helping the unemployment of local people. This will slowly take seed and in the spring of 2023, it is likely that Switzerland will move out of the EU free movement of people and workers. It looks like this will happen between the 1st of March and the 1st of June 2023.

The transits of Saturn and Jupiter in the 3rd house of the Swiss chart show disruptions in trade agreements, or the re-negotiations of trade agreements with close and far away countries. As the EU negotiations are already under way this is no surprise. However, things will intensify in February 2021 and there may be a rupture of negotiations. I expect that this process will continue until the spring of 2023 until Switzerland decides to move away from the EU as a partner and expand trade with other economies of the world. During this process the Swiss economy will slowly go into recession.

From the 13th of March 2023 to 12th of March 2030 Switzerland will be become insular or introverted. This is an important period as it will allow the Swiss economy to balance out and restructure itself. Switzerland will become less reliant on other economies and will protect itself from the social upheavals in the neighboring countries. From March 2030 Switzerland will again enter a long 20-year period of prosperity and increased relations with other countries.

The first four months of 2021 will be difficult socially and with health issues. Improvement will begin as Jupiter leaves Capricorn on the 6th April. This will help issues of both health, natural resources and social unrest. From the 1st of January until the 6th of April it is possible that some natural disasters, on small scale, will damage infrastructure. For example, earthquakes or landslides are likely in late January to the end of February. Roads and trains may be disrupted and it may take a year or longer to repair the damage.

The Corona virus and health issues will not go away quickly but will be delft with in the same methodology as in 2020. There may be social unrest and resistance, but will be dealt with and resolved without violent conflict. These issues will remain difficult until April, after which we should see solutions proposed. There may be problems with the Corona virus treatments from the 10th of April to the 28th May. Especially around the 15th to 17th of May treatments used prior to this time may turn out to be the cause of major health issues.

These are the critical time periods in the year 2021:

Five planets in Capricorn from the 14 to 15 January (Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Moon & Sun)
Four planets in Capricorn from the 15 to 26 January (Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury & Sun)
Four planets in Capricorn from the 28 January (Saturn, Jupiter, Venus & Sun)
Five planets in Capricorn from the 05 February (Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus & Sun)
Six planets in Capricorn from the 10 to 11 February (Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Sun & Moon)
Four planets in Capricorn from the 12 to 20 February (Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury & Venus)
Four planets in Taurus from the 15 to 26 May (Sun, Rahu, Mercury & Venus)

JPG - 190.4 kb

The USA chart (Kelleher July 4th, 1776 at 18h30, Philadelphia)

This chart has a Sagittarius Ascendant which shows the basic health and identity of the country. The USA is currently in the Raha Mahadasha with Saturn Bukti Dasha (RA/SA) since the 31 October 2020. Rahu is situated in the malefic 8th house and is aspected by transiting Saturn 100% which increases the malefic nature of Rahu. This combination will tend to bring out the negative aspects of the 8th house which are accidents, epidemics, floods, earthquakes, cyclones, storms, etc. As Rahu is ruling this time period from September 25, 2015 until September 24, 2033, we can expect typical Rahu indications of deception, lying, deceit, disease, epidemics (health and financial), manipulations, poison dealers (big pharma), drugs (all types), and immoral acts.

This has already started and will increase and last until September 7th, 2023. The problem with this configuration is that Rahu is posing as a benevolent energy when in fact it is very deceitful and destructive. As Rahu rules the masses it can make half the country believe in distorted values and actions that are beyond common sense. This is very difficult period for the USA and internally destructive as we can see already. This is very strong in the moment because the Ascendant ruler Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn conjunct Saturn. This is basically destroying the national identity and health of the nation.

Jump ahead to January 29, 2021 and Sun / Jupiter conjunct in the 2nd house of money / income / relations with neighbors and we see 4 planets here. From the 28th Sun / Jupiter are conjunct with each other and from the 29th conjunct with natal Ketu. Ketu is unpredictable. He is 98% of the time malefic and is functioning like Mars; cutting, burning, etc.

This gets worse on the 5th of Feb when Mercury enters retrograde into the 2nd house (Capricorn) and gets even worse on the 9th Feb afternoon when the Moon moves in making 6 planets all together in Capricorn in 2nd house of money and financial well-being of the country. This is very bad because Saturn is so strong here that he controls everything. Moon moves out the night of the 11th Feb, but this is a critical moment. Maybe communications break down and a war starts? Or Wall Street crashes? Civil War? Look for anything connected to economic crashes and money devaluation. This is also a critical period for natural disasters in the USA as the 2nd house aspects the 8th house of natural disasters where the Mahadasha lord is situated.

Saturn is ruling the 2nd house in Capricorn and is currently transiting Capricorn. Saturn is the most feared planet for a reason as he removes non-essential things, such as wealth. Saturn can be benefic and give things, though most of the time he removes things before giving them back. If you survive the “removal” process all well and good; many countries do not survive. Basically, Saturn entered Capricorn on the 24th January 2020 and will leave on the 29th of April 2022. Judging by what we have seen so far, I do not think Saturn will be positive for the economy / wealth of the USA. Generally, what Saturn does when he passes through a domain of life is remove anything non-essential. I would guess this would mean the “false” economy (e.g., based on debt) will get “removed”. The critical time would be from the 29th January 2021 to the 25th March 2021. The date of March 17th is the exact conjunction of Saturn and Ketu, so the week before this date is very problematic. This time period is when Saturn is coming to conjunction with Ketu who lives in the 2nd house in Capricorn in the USA chart. Saturn has very weak Ashtakavarga of only 2 Bindu during this whole period, 24 January 2020 to 29 April 2022. So, I expect economic and environmental disaster. During this whole time period Ketu is active in the 2nd house in Capricorn creating disease, shadow and obscurity. Expect more obscurity and lies from the main stream media (MSM), and perhaps reaching a critical peak? Maybe a Civil War to over-throw the powers that control the MSM / Deep State? Saturn has the power to trigger this as finally he is the planet of Dharma as expressed by Karma. People always state that Jupiter is the planet of Dharma, but Dharma is the result of action (mental or physical) which is Karma. Saturn is the ultimate indicator of the Dharma put into action (Karma) by the country and its government.

Jupiter will leave Capricorn on the 6 April 2021. From the 21 Nov 2020 to 6 April 2021 Jupiter is weak and loses its power to Saturn. And at the same time increasing Saturn’s power to do destructive things. Saturn does not usually destroy good things; he removes things that have been wrong, but we have been negligent about removing them. Jupiter will not function well from April 6, 2021 to April 12, 2022 as it has very weak Ashtakavarga of only 3 bindu during this whole period in Aquarius. We can expect help from Jupiter from the April 13, 2022 when he moves into Pisces and gives a 5th house aspect on the malefic 8th house where the Mahadasha lord Rahu sits.

Concerning the Corona virus, we can expect that things will stay the same until the 20th of September at which time things will begin to change. By the 2nd or 3rd of October there will be a shift from the current manner of treating the virus and other methods may be used. This transition from the 20th of September may be violent as people become aware of the manipulations by big pharma and the local governments. Most likely it will be due to crisis in treatment, or from the treatments being used.

My personal opinion is that the USA will suffer disruption for the next 12 years in the domain of morals, government, leadership and experience a number of natural disasters beginning in January 2021. This is due the Rahu Mahadasha which began from Sept. 25, 2015. I expect normal people with common sense to rise up and overthrow the oppressive leadership of the deep state, MSM, big pharma, big tech and take back the power to the real people. I do not think this will be an easy or short transition and I am sorry to have to write this. The country and system are broken and no longer work; the fix will not be painless or easy. If normal people do not rise up they will be oppressed and reduced to abject poverty through endless lies and manipulations by the people who control the media, tech and government employees (deep state). As an outsider I have seen this happening since 2015 by the number of homeless living in the streets of California. This trend is only going to get worse unless normal people rise up and stop it. The natural disasters alone will be enough to cripple the economy and leadership of the country.

Poverty is real in the US now, many articles are addressing this outside of the MSM, for example, click here.

These are the critical time periods in the next year:

Five planets in Capricorn from the 14 to 15 January (Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Moon & Sun)
Four planets in Capricorn from the 15 to 26 January (Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury & Sun)
Four planets in Capricorn from the 28 January (Saturn, Jupiter, Venus & Sun)
Five planets in Capricorn from the 05 February (Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus & Sun)
Six planets in Capricorn from the 10 to 11 February (Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Sun & Moon)
Four planets in Capricorn from the 12 to 20 February (Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury & Venus)
Four planets in Taurus from the 15 to 26 May (Sun, Rahu, Mercury & Venus)

JPG - 194.5 kb

Remedies for all of the above:

Astrologers (Western and Vedic) are fond of speaking about how consciousness will raise with the transits and conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter. Many Western astrologers believe in the “Age of Aquarius”, a concept twisted and perverted by the British Theosophists from 200 years ago. Others believe humanity is headed to changes in perception that will bring peace and prosperity to all. The reality may be different, filled with natural disasters and social conflicts and upheaval.

Everything is consciousness. Nothing is outside of consciousness as it is the fabric of the universe. Vedanga Jyotisha is the branch of the Vedas that deals with the manifestation of consciousness, or Atman, as time, which is one of its many manifestations. It is not possible to be out of consciousness or to be “unconscious”. Serious students of Jyotish understand this as they have studied Samkhya Darshana and know that the whole creation is nothing more than consciousness in different forms. Hence, the primary remedy for navigating natural disasters and social unrest is to find this consciousness inside of ourselves that is animating our mind and body. By focusing on this consciousness, we will know what to do and where to be physically when needed. If you want, you can call it meditation. True meditation is focusing on the beingness, or consciousness, that is prior to the body or mind, yet, like electricity animates both.

If this cannot be done then use Mantra. I am suggesting to all my students and patients to use one of the two following mantras from the Rig Veda:

1. Mahamrityunjaya mantra
2. Gayatri mantra

The first mantra can be used to cure all physical and mental diseases. Eventually it leads the practitioner beyond body identification to liberation.

The second mantra clears the mind of all negative mental patterns and allows clear perception. Eventually it leads the practitioner beyond body identification to liberation.

Posted 02 January 2021 at 17.35, Montreux, Switzerland

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Jyotish predictions for 2021
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