Newsletter 23 aug 2011

Dear Friends,
I am writing to let you know about different events and news about my work in Zurich and the world.

Best wishes,
Atreya Smith

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Ayurvedic Diagnosis
I am offering a one day workshop on Ayurvedic diagnosis in Zurich this November. This workshop is open to anyone interested in Ayurvedic methodology. It is not a beginner level course - however - anyone is welcome. It is mainly for my old students who have asked me for one-day workshops on the subsets we covered in the past.

The course will be given in English at the Institut für Ayurveda, Dufourstr. 106, 8008 Zürich
For more information see this link:

Ayurvedic Psychology
Ayurvedic Treatments of the Mind / Thailand / Jan 28 – Feb 11, 2012
An advanced workshop on human psychology according to Ayurveda
This two week workshop will begin with an advanced explanation of Ayurvedic psychology and then explore the main Ayurvedic treatments for the mind. Why not plan a vacation in the beautiful environment of “Yoga Thailand” for early 2012?

For more information see this link:

Remember that I am in Zurich every 2 or 3 months. During this time I receive patients for different kinds of problems. I specialize in auto-immune problems, women’s health, burn-out, allergies and chronic disorders that are hard to treat or not diagnosis. We also offer a low cost herbal formula service to our patients. Book consultations on-line here for September and November:

I have brought out a new edition of Ayurvedic Nutrition. It is a clear guide to the complicated field of nutrition. Every day, increasing numbers of people are turning to the ancient health system of Ayurveda to restore balance and well-being in their lives. This book provides clear information to you or your patients on how to adapt a diet to your constitution.,91.html

About Us
EIVS has expanded from a simple school in Zurich to providing education all over the world. This is now done with the use of the internet and a new style of learning called E-Learning. This program has been developed with Dr Sunil Joshi and details can be seen here

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