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There will NOT be personal advise on health as Ayurveda cannot be done by phone, by mail or even internet. The importance of seeing the patient and studying the pathology is the most important thing. Otherwise any so called advise is just symptomatic and not really Ayurveda which treats dosha as the cause of pathology (CS, Su Ch 1.57)

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Lower back pain syndromes in Ayurveda

Vata dosha is the controller of the pelvic area and the metabolism of bones. Pitta dosha is the controller of the navel area and the metabolism of blood, tendons and heat. Kapha dosha is the controller of the chest area and the metabolism of plasma, muscles, ligaments, fat and nerves. All pain (...)

Is Cheese OK to eat in Ayurveda ?

Student question : What about Prakriti Satmya and cheese ? We eat cheese since we are babies, so we do have the enzymes to digest it. But we have been told by an Indian Ayurvedic doctor that cheese should be avoided all the time, and that it is not a question of prakriti satmya. Is that (...)

Using Tamas in Dravyaguna

Student question : How about herbs, for example Valerian ? You told us to antidote it with Centella or Calamus – but is it an antidote or does it just make the the tamasic effect milder, so that Valeriana can not disturb the mind (make us dull) ? Answer : In Dravyaguna we can use herbs of an (...)

Rajas and Tamas

Student question : The best way to balance Tamas and Rajas is to avoid tamasic and rajasic lifestyle ? Like trying to be sattvic in lifestyle and eat sattvic food, isn’t there an antidote for tamas and rajas ?


I had an interesting experience in February when I flew to Southern California to spend time with my dying father. As soon as I arrived in California my digestion and elimination functioned perfectly – even with a less than optimum diet. This idea is expressed in Ayurveda as Satmya. The concept (...)

Sugar suppresses the immune system

Question: "The consumption of 100 grams of sugar effectively suppresses the immune system for 6 to 7 hours." Is this true for all types of sugar (including honey), or just refined sugar?

New Website

As you can see we have a new website, please be patient as we re-build the English site.

Seva means selfless service

Seva is a great idea in that it is meant to indicate the service of humanity for no personal gain - mental or physical. In practice 99% of people who are "doing Seva" are doing it for their ego. It makes them feel good, superior or holy that they are not taking money or trade for their "services".

After childbirth - recovering normal health

There is a typical kind of problem that manifests with women after childbirth. This syndrome gets more and more aggravated after each birth and causes a number of problems - this is all from my clinical observations over the last 29 years: If a woman is not balanced in dosha and dhatu before (...)

Why is it bad to work?

Well it isn’t really unless you over do it. Although it certainly feels bad to work this is mainly because we do not like what we do. Finding an enjoyable work, such as mattress testing, is the real key to happiness. It is not that hard to find work we like - the problem is getting paid for it! (...)

Why is it bad to work at night?

Why is it bad to work at night? Many artists or other people find it a good time to work, and many people such as nurses are required to work at night. In answer to your questions: Basically when people work at night they cause Pitta and Vata imbalances because this is the time when Vata DOES (...)

What is a Dosha really?

Dear Atreya, Everybody, speaks and writes about the Dosha, with some details, their qualities, their location and others details. My question is: What is a Dosha really? Response from Atreya: Dosha is the intelligent function of the body that combines the 5 elements together and allows them (...)

Moving Ayurveda forward in Europe

In order to move Ayurveda forward in Europe it is important to define what kind of Ayurveda we want to present to West. – Wellness (relaxation, stress reduction, feel good, etc.) – Prevention of disease through diet and lifestyle – Treatment of disease through diet and lifestyle – Ayurvedic (...)

About evolution

I have been thinking about evolution a lot these last months - with the winter sales underway of course we buy new clothes that don’t fit...... Why are all the sleeves too long now? For the last two years it is hard to buy any shirt, tee shirt, light jacket or top without VERY LONG sleeves. (...)

Magic pill

Just finished teaching a good session in the United Kingdom with my students there (written in 2007). Aside from my lack of stamina the course went well. I am very positive about creating a solid group of therapists in the UK who will be very good primary care practitioners of Ayurveda there. (...)