Multiple miscarriages

Many women in late 30’s or early 40’s want to have a first or another child and are confronted with Multiple miscarriages. In this article we are going to look at the problems and solutions.

What is the problem?
The first thing to understand is that if the body is rejecting the fetus there is a reason. So the first thing to do is find out what is wrong with yourself. The list is pretty long, so let’s start with obvious stuff:

1. stress or emotional, nervous fatigue, burn out, etc. All of this your doctor will not diagnosis and it is a major problem because all of the things listed here disrupt Prana Vayu, or the form of Vata in the mind and nervous system. It controls Apana Vayu in the pelvic area which is responsible for holding the fetus to full term. Basically, if Apana Vayu is unstable there is a very strong chance you will miscarriage.

2. chronic problems with menstruation, mainly premenstrual issues, chronic constipation, or any ongoing issues in the pelvic region (urine, stool, menstruation). Again these are all indications that Apana Vayu is unstable and this means that a miscarriage is likely unless the imbalance is corrected.

3. any major health problem, such as autoimmune disorders (thyroid, endometriosis, see a full list by clicking here), diabetes, obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. Basically, any serious or long term disorder is pulling the energy of your body. The body tries its best to be healthy and when something goes wrong it pulls all of its resources to try and correct it. This could be hormones (anti-inflammatory), antibodies (immunity), or just the nutrients that you absorb after eating. If your body is busy correcting or fighting off some issue it will not have energy to keep the fetus stable long term. In Ayurveda this is an issue of all the Dosha, mainly Prana and Udana which are responsible to bring in energy and transform it / hold it in the body. So again a Vata function.

How to we go about correcting this issues?
In my clinical practice (I am an Ayurvedic GP so I treat all ages from small children to the elderly) I am often confronted with patients who want to get pregnant according to their ideas and plans without taking into account the state of their own health, mental and physical. What is astounding for me is the number of patients who are not willing to change their lifestyle in order to get healthy, which will allow them to conceive and carry the baby full term.

This is the real issue I see in unexplained infertility and multiple miscarriages. We just need to change the way we are living because it is not conducive to getting pregnant and carrying a baby to full term. Our lives are totally insane by any standard of the past. Spending hours on screens (computers, tablets, phones, TV) increases Vata dosha and causes Apana Vayu to become unstable. Irregular eating and sleeping habits also cause Vata imbalance. Over work, travel, fast or frozen food; Sugar, coffee, chocolate, beer, wine, cannabis, etc. Are all increasing Vata and cause both Prana and Apana to become unstable.

Unstable Prana / Apana = miscarriage

The magic pill in this case is not a pill. It is making a firm decision to change your life and habits to create a real sense of happiness and being. Nothing flashy or fast paced, slow down, cook slow, eat slow and enjoy life with your partner. Get healthy and work on creating a loving environment in your mind and body. Self acceptance leads to self love and this helps all forms forms of self healing.

Of course there are herbs you can use to balance Prana/Apana and Vata in general. Be aware that herbs do not work well if the diet and lifestyle are not balanced for the individual. The place to start is where there is an issue (see number 1 to 3 above). If there is an issue try to see an Ayurvedic practitioner and get healthy. If you feel that you are running out of time (you are 38 to 42) just observe how this very thought creates major stress for you. Getting healthy first is the best possible thing you can do to assure a full term pregnancy. Start immediately with implementing a regular lifestyle, work less and get your partner involved in the process as much is possible.

So even if your doctor says everything is fine and you can conceive and carry the baby full term, remember that your doctor does not understand about Vata Dosha and how modern life is damaging its normal functions.

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