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Fear of Flying and Jet lag

Question: "Can you give me some advices to help me for my fear of planes, and disorders for Vata, please? Such as Jet lag, food, constipation, etc."

Answer: The best thing is to follow a Vata reducing lifestyle before, during and just after traveling. Typically the way we reduce Vata is by doing three therapies:
1) Abhyanga - daily application of oil on the body followed by a hot shower; can be done once or twice per day.
2) Snehana Nasya - daily application of oil in the nose; 1 or 2 drops of oil or ghee in each nostril, do at the same time as Abhyanga
3) Nadishodhana - alternate nostril breathing for 5 to 10 mins. once or twice per day.

The above is the basic methodology to control Vata. It is Vata Dosha that causes fear phobias and also causes the symptoms of jet lag. Eating healthy food at regular times, getting enough sleep and avoiding alcohol during travel helps keeps Vata in normal levels.

Once arriving at the destination it is best to adjust as soon as possible to the new day and night cycle. The hormones that control or body are under the domain of Vata - doing Nadishodhana helps Vata to regulate better the hormones that control sleep. Remember to only do breathing exercises for not more than 10 mins. when you want to control Vata. Longer periods of pranayama will tend to increase Vata.

Herbal treatments: The best Vata controlling herb is called Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi DC) but this hard to get. You can combine Valerian root with Centella asiatica or Ginkgo biloba as Mother Tinctures (MT). This is something you can get at the pharmacist or herb shop easier.

Dose: Valeriane MT 30 drops X3 per day + Centella asiatica MT 20 drops X3 per day at the same time

if you cannot get Centella then use Ginkgo instead.

Start the herbs 3 days before flying in the airplane and continue for one week after arriving.

If you can get Jatamansi then take 250mg X 3 per day with warm water and honey before meals for 3 days before and one week after arriving.

Doing everything together gives the best results.

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