Vaidya Atreya Smith

Vaidya Atreya Smith, BSc, MA (ayu)
Director of the Institute

Vaidya Atreya Smith became interested in studying the Upanishads and Vedanta from the age of 19. This growing passion led him to India where he lived for many years and chose to dedicate his life to Vedanta in his twenties. Since 1987, he has been practicing alternative medicines, Ayurveda and continues to study, teach and train practitioners in Europe.

He founded the European Institute of Vedic Studies, Switzerland in 1998. Through his research and teaching, he hopes to give as many people as possible access to this science, while adapting them to today’s Western way of life. Atreya has a Master’s degree in Ayurveda (MA) and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology (BSc). In 2005, his teachers in Vanarasi (India) awarded him the title of Vaidya or traditional doctor, etymologically: "who knows Ayurveda".

He has worked with Professor K.C. Chunekar and Dr. Sunil V. Joshi to develop a comprehensive training for Westerners in Ayurvedic medicine. This work has resulted in a series of textbooks entitled "Ayurveda for Westerners". Atreya is the author of 16 books on Ayurveda and Jyotish and has been teaching Ayurveda for over 25 years.

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