Secrets of Ayurvedic Massage

"Secrets of Ayurvedic Massage" is a practical manual for the Western massage therapist. However, it goes beyond the an ordinary manual because it deeply penetrates the Ayurvedic understanding of Prana, the life-force.

Massage is an integral part of the Ayurvedic system of health and healing, and Atreya Smith has taken a significant step forward in the ongoing process of introducing this subject to the West with his new book Ayurvedic Massage. Too often body work is considered in isolation from the mind that inhabits the body, but Atreya makes clear the need to bring into massage an explicit awareness of the breadth and complexity of the ways in which Ayurveda, Yoga, Jyotish and other related disciplines interconnect.

Published in 2000, by Lotus Press, USA
ISBN: 0914955497

What people say about this book:

“Atreya dedicatedly explores many of the intriguing facets of the mind-body connection; I appreciated in particular his emphasis on bhakti as a means to control prana, his insistence on the right understanding of the much misunderstood chakras, and his inclusion of simple exercises to enable even the beginner to learn means for circulating prana more effectively. His book is a worthy contribution to the corpus of bodywork literature, and I welcome it.”

Dr. Robert Svoboda

"Atreya Smith is one of the most notable and creative writer on Ayurveda today, with several important breakthrough titles on the subject. His book on Ayurvedic massage is probably the best and clearest on the topic, unfolding this powerful healing method with both practical ease and spiritual depth. a must for all students of Ayurveda and of massage."

Dr. David Frawley

“Respected Atreya ji
First I will introduce myself, my name is Sumit Verma. I have done a Bachelors of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from Delhi, India. These days I am in Sydney, Australia. I have just completed my degree in the year 2000, and I am new to Ayurveda. I have studied ayurveda for 6 years in college and I feel I am new to this.

Recently, I got your book on Ayurvedic massage. This is your first book, I have read. It is amazing, I felt like I have been intoxicated by your words in the book.. Throughout my studies, I always felt, that this is not way this science need to be learned. I always felt that meditation and an insight is very important to know this science.

I use to practice various meditation techniques since 4-5 years. And through a bit of experience, I felt sometimes prana in my body and it made me more confused. It was difficult for me to tell any body about what I feel. When I started reading your book and saw the deep understanding of yours for subtle body, I was mesmerized. It’s amazing for me as it unlocked many of my mysteries. It could be able to feel and understand what you were trying say. I feel it is very difficult to make somebody understand the concept of prana. And without really going into our own self, Ayurveda cannot be understood. A degree can’t make this science understood. You did an amazing job of expressing this thing in very systematic way.

I am so happy that people like you are putting so much effort to bring this science available to this new world without losing its essence. Amazing! I wish I could meet you someday. I don’t know that I am able to tell you what I wanted to tell you.”

Dr Sumit Verma, BAMS

“Namaste Atreya,
I finished reading your book “Secrets of Ayurvedic Massage”. This is an incredible contribution you have made. I would recommend this book to all that wants to learn genuine concepts of Ayurvedic massage. The book has successfully blended centuries old Ayurvedic concepts to meet the requirements of the west.

I am inspired by your highly practical approach and your efforts to bring Vedic concepts to the west in its totality, without diluting it. I am amazed by your ability to express Ayurveda in the most holistic way.

I thank Brenden Skudder for introducing your books to me. I enjoy every bit of your writing and your approach to Ayurveda.”

With prayers,

Dr Vijay Srinivasamurthy, BAMS, MD(ayu)
Head Of Faculty
Ayurvedic medicine
Wellpark College of Natural Therapies
6 Francis Street, Grey Lynn.
New Zeland

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