Corona virus & vaccines

The science behind vaccines and Corona virus

Vaccines generate antibodies, and when someone gets antibodies to Corona virus they risk getting ADE (Antibody Disease Enhancement), which often results in cytokine cascade, inflammation, and organ failure. Read this study for more info- Is antibody-dependent enhancement playing a role in COVID-19 pathogenesis?

The reason people don’t keep their antibodies to Corona virus is because of this liability; the body is not going to keep something around which could cause damage to structure. It turns out that Corona virus immunity is mediated by T4 cells, which have nothing to do with vaccines and antibodies. See the definition of T4 cells here.

This means vaccines are worthless for COVID-19 and other Corona virus.

This also means that Ayurveda gives you the best tools to prevent or respond to viral infections by living and eating correctly. Let’s also start using our minds correctly and stop using toxic social media.

Update 08 Dec 2020

I’ve been reading a lot of articles about the vaccines and the trials are incredibly slipshod. Virtually nothing has been proven in terms of safety or efficacy.

This is a scientific article on just how shoddy the vaccine trials have been.


The main risk with the mRNA vaccines is that they could provoke autoimmune disorders due to the spike-protein which is uncontrollable. This is a major risk that could take 5 or more years to manifest in humans. The major risk that is showing up 2021 is infertility to women which may take up to 20 years to manifest. Normally the vaccine testing process lasts 5 to 12 years for this reason.

Another issue is the use of Nano-aluminum as a delivery agent in the vaccines which is already a huge problem. The problem with Nano-aluminum is that it can pass through the brain barrier and get into our brain and central nervous system. It also is present in the enviroment now, see -

Also note - Nanomaterial-Based Vaccine Adjuvants
Bottom line from Conclusion: "However, there are some challenges on safety and understanding of the molecular mechanisms, which need to be addressed. Through a systemic approach including engineered design to control the properties and further exploration on the mechanisms of action using in vitro and in vivo approaches will answer these challenges to develop better ENM based adjuvants."

In other words they cannot control the nanomaterials.

Or - Vaccines and aluminium nanoparticles
Quote from above, "The recent use of Aluminium nanoparticles in vaccines are reported to cross blood-brain barrier and harm the brain cells because of molecular mimicry. Therefore, efficacy of vaccines need to be monitored including safety measures before one embarks on vaccinations (2)."

This also means that Ayurveda gives you the best tools to prevent or respond to viral infections by living and eating correctly.

UPDATE 15 Dec 2020

Read this before letting anyone you care about take the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. The vaccine has not been adequately tested.

An Internal Medicine Doctor and His Peers Read the Pfizer Vaccine Study and See Red Flags

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