Vaidya Atreya Smith offers several free classes on Ayurveda. He brings 35 years of clinical experience and 27 years of teaching experience to his classes. Classes are taught on Adobe Connect Pro. Free classes can be accessed directly from the links in their webpages.

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Free - Understanding Agni

available now This is a free Webinar on the subject of Agni and digestion. I also explain how Agni is related to the immune system.

Free - Understanding dosage of herbs

This Webinar looks at different doses of herbal powders (churnas) and some basic rules we can follow with our patients. We look at different sizes of teaspoons and the doses that result. How to judge the basic dose for a person and how to modify this by age.

Free - How to Choose a Guru

This is a 22 minute class on what the classic texts tell us about choosing a spiritual teacher. Atreya also offers his own experience with his Guru H.W.L. Poonjaji. This is a relevant subject because many people get psychological disturbances from false teachers.