Satya Bodh Yoga and Healing Centre, USA

Satya Bodh Yoga and Healing Centre is located within in Iowa city, Iowa, USA. Originally founded in 2002 as Satya Bodh Ashram in the city of Lucknow, India the center and it’s founder have moved to the USA in 2023.

Pavan is teaching pran therapy, meditation, pranayama, asana and shatkarma (cleaning processes of the body) since 1986 throughout India. He has treated and cured many patients of various physical and psychological ailments through yoga, pran upchar (Prana Therapy), acupressure and counselling.. He lays emphasis on changing one’s life style and diet. He has also held many training/workshops on Pran Upchar in several cities in India and several countries of Europe.

His spiritual teacher is Swami Saraswati who meditated in the Himalayas for a long time. The therapeutic application of Prana has been learnt by him from his loving teacher Atreya who is settled in Switzerland at present and spreading knowledge of Veda and Ayurveda in the world.

Peace is hidden inside every man but one does not know how to realise it. Yoga is a science that can make one realise one’s inner peace. Realisation of inner peace gives immense happiness and contentment. It brings the mind and body into harmony and recharges them. It is a solution to psychosomatic and somatic disorders. Realisation of inner peace is possible by long practice of meditation as well as his healing sessions.

Yoga has many ways to release stress, to increase the flexibility and strength of the joints and muscles, to improve the functioning of the various parts of the body and also to make the body live longer, remain healthy and disease free. These practices include mainly asanas (physical postures), pranayama (control over pran, also known as life energy), shatkarma (cleaning processes to remove acid, mucous, gas, other wastes etc. from the body).

He has treated many problems ranging from common to rare and serious ones. like depression, insomnia, sleep disorder, migraine, headache, spondylitis, sacroilitis, sciatica, frozen shoulder, hyperacidity, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, sinusitis, arthritis etc.

He stopped internal bleeding of a patient in a hospital in just a few minutes by Pran therapy. The patient had been bleeding continuously for several days. He has totally improved the quality of life and thinking of the patients of cancer by Pran Therapy, counselling and prayer. He has also cured one patient of central retinal vein occlusion, a serious disease of eyes, also by pran therapy.

God has given him the power and technique to cure a frozen shoulder in just three minutes without either touching the person or using any medicine. He has also treated many patients with various ailments by just smelling unsuitable or excessive problematic food in the aura of the patients and advising the patients to stop the consumption of the same. He is the first known person to have this ability.

He can be contacted at :
Satya Bodh Yoga & Healing Centre
 Email : pavankmrjain
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