Newsletter 25 September 2013

Dear Friends,
I am writting from Nagpur, India where I am finsihing a Pancha Karma with Dr Sunil V. Joshi. Thanks to his help my health is returning and I am able to continue my work with Ayurveda.

I have closed the school in France and have moved to Switzerland this year. Because I am now living in the Southern part of Switzerland I have also moved my Swiss school from Zurich to the Lausanne area. I will be teaching several programs each year in French, for those of you who can speak French you may be interested. I will also continue to give several courses in English each year in Zurich as I have done for the last three years. The next course is in March on Men’s Health According to Ayurveda. Information on these courses can be found here:

My main work in English is through e-learning. Next year I will continue to teach an improved therapist training – the fifth year of that courses existence, click here for information on that program.

Additionally, the long awaited course on using Western medicinal plants according to Ayurveda will begin in September 2014. Information on the Dravyaguna course (herbs) can be found here:

Many of you have noticed that I am now on Facebook. I am using this social media to publish articles on Ayurveda. Also I have accepted several invitations to teach courses in both North and South America this year. Normally I will also be teaching a course in English next June in Ireland on Women’s Health. For my full teaching schedule for this year please look here:

Best wishes,
Atreya Smith