News update July 2013

Great day for me, I have closed my school in France and I am free to write, blog and tweet....... well almost. As soon as I can finish up the last of the administration.

It was a very rewarding 15 years of running a school in France with attendance over 100 students each year. We have made a huge difference in the presentation of Ayurveda in France and Europe as a whole in the last 15 years. And now we are happy to STOP!!!

France is many things, one of which is a very difficult place in which to own a school and teach non-conventional medicine. The suffering from this experience can only be called tapas - austerities.

I now look forward to accepting some of the other invitations around the world that I have not been able to accept in the past due to the heavy work load of running a large school.

3rd July 2013