News from 27 August 2013

Thanks to all of you that have sent your support over the last year. It has been very meaningful and supportive to know that so many of you care about my health and work. I have several very important pieces of news to share with you.

The first is that my health is slowly improving – mainly due to the treatments I have received from Dr Sunil V. Joshi. Also I have had an immediate improvement after stopping IEEV in France. I leave next week to continue treatments with Dr Joshi in India.

The second news is I will be moving permanently to Switzerland near Lausanne where I will start teaching the Therapist Training Program on Ayurveda (in French) again in September 2014. As most of you know my school in Switzerland was started before the school in France and continues to function well. I have had a residence permit since 2007 and have now decided to leave France completely. I feel that this is the best decision for my health. I will post dates and further information on my website next week about the course before I leave for India.

Thirdly, several of you have asked – or posted on my new Facebook page – about me teaching workshops on Pediatrics or on revising the studies you have done with IEEV or EIVS in the past. I am happy to teach these kind of courses in French if someone organizes the program for me. Please contact me so we can fix a subject and time. I am also teaching many programs Around the world in the next year - see here.

Lastly, I have been working on a project for two years……..

Well I am not quite ready to tell you what it is about yet, but this much I would like to say. It is a much needed project that will help all forms of natural medicine and natural healing. It is an urgent project that will take 20 years to fully manifest, but if it is not started now will have a huge impact on humanity – in a negative way. I will present this project to you in Francophone countries and to other friends in Europe and the world in October.

Until then I wish you all a wonderful start to the school year!

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