Newsletter 22 November 2013

Dear Friends,

I would like to share news with you about my current projects. Two year ago I started a project with several friends. This project concerns the disappearance of medicinal plants throughout the world. I first became aware of this problem when I lived in India in 1994. The problem has many layers to it. After a careful analysis of the problem with one of my best friends in France – an agricultural engineer – we came up with several solutions. I have presented this research and the solutions on a website –

My vision is to create a number of farms for medicinal plants. My goal is to guarantee the farmer a fair market price for the herbs and by-pass the brokers who are a large part of the problem. Develop Fair Trade Co-operatives with the farmers to provide sustainable agriculture. My vision is to use different climates around the world to grow the most endangered species of medicinal plants from India and other places. We have also started projects in Europe – Portugal, Germany and Austria. Do not imagine that European medicinal plants are immune to disappearance – this year we could not buy Angelica archangelia, one the main herbs used to reduce Samavata conditions in Ayurveda and to help balance women. If you would like to help, or even tell others about this project, please look at my website here:

For all my former students – I have not forgotten you! I have finished the corrections and revisions on my book “Dravyaguna for Westerners” first published in 2009. The new edition includes color photos of the herbs and is available now on Amazon! Click here!

I am still giving consultations - click here for the dates in December and January.

One last news! I have created a training program on Dravyaguna (using medicinal plants) for all of my English speaking students who never had the opportunity to study herbal therapies with me personally. This course starts in September 2014 and an e-learning training - so you can follow this program from anywhere in the world! All information and registration can be seen by clicking here!

For a list of the workshops I am scheduled to teach in 2014 please click here.

I wish you all a very happy end to 2013!

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