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Padmini Ayurveda is a company created by Vaidya Atreya Smith. It has the goal to offer low cost, organic, hygienic herbs and formulas to people in Europe.

Padmini Ayurveda® is a company created by Vaidya Atreya Smith. It has the goal to offer low cost, organic, hygienic herbs and formulas to people in Europe.

Padmini Ayurveda® is a branch of EIVS GmbH, Switzerland devoted to the creation of original Ayurvedic formulas from local herbs and spices. However, we also offer a selection of the most important Indian herbs and formulas used in Ayurveda as a service to our students and clients. All of the formulas are the creation of Vaidya Atreya Smith and his experience of using herbs in India and Europe professionally since 1987. Atreya has spent over 20 years studying Ayurvedic pharmacology (Dravyaguna) and has written a text book on the subject. He is mainly concerned with the adaptation of Ayurvedic principles to the classification of Western herbs. His formulas are unique, original and therapeutically effective.

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Vaidya Atreya Smith has two main goals with the creation of Padmini Ayurveda®.

The first goal is to offer therapeutically active formulas made from Western herbs. This has been done with a number of legal restrictions. There are more and more restrictions and limits on the use and combination’s of medicinal plants in Europe. Atreya has taken two of the most strict legislation concerning the use of herbs in Europe – from France and Switzerland – and made efficient formulas. These formulas are classified as Food Supplements because they use herbs and spices that limited to this classification. They formulated in such a manner that they are safe for the use by the general public and are “tirdoshic” according to Ayurveda. This means that they are balanced for all doshic types in keeping with Ayurvedic percepts. These formulas are a little less strong therapeutically than classical Indian formulas in order to be safe and remain legal. They are effective for the indications that have been given for them and will support the correct function of dosha, dhatu and mala in the body.

The second goal of Padmini Ayurveda® is to offer a line of organic, high quality Indian and Western herbs at a lower cost than most other companies in Europe. (For people in North or South America these prices will not be interesting for you.) This goal is of course in fluctuation according to market costs, taxes and other problems of our society. Therefore, it will be normal to note that our prices go up and down according to the cost of bulk herbs, hygienic production and packaging costs and of course, taxes. The key members of the production team have been dedicated to low cost, high quality herbal formulas since many years. We all hope that with the introduction of Padmini Ayurveda® that we will be able to offer a higher quality product for less money than other companies.

The capsules we use are made from vegetarian cellulose (made from pine trees managed in sustainable forests) and are guaranteed GM free. Each capsule contains pure powdered herb. We do not use binding agents.

We wish you all the enjoyment of trying our products and the good results that you may have from them !

The Padmini Ayurveda team

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