Students testimonials from the Level One Therapist Course

"Dear Atreya and Girija,
Thanks a lot for this wonderful ayurvedic formation in Nagpur. Dr Joshi is an amazingly good teacher in addition to his recognized mastership of ayurveda.
He really lit up the flame for us to spread ayurveda in the west, and I am glad to be part of it!"
OM! Nathalie

"When I started the course I was told it would be life changing and it truly has been. The Ayurveda journey is one that I look forward to continuing for the rest of my life."

"The Ayurveda course is brilliant and Atreya a fantastic teacher. "

"Just wanted to thank you for another amazing five days. I am really going to miss not getting together when we have finished."

"Thank you for another great week."
Laura White

"Well another really fascinating week over. I really enjoyed the input, the teaching and the information."

"The combination Atreya’s practical experience, down-to-earth teaching style, and humour, makes studying this course very enjoyable & worthwhile. Thanks."

"Atreya Smith clarifies the enormous amount of information into user friendly accessible tools. Atreyas own work and commitment to education brings Ayurveda into the modern western world with ease. I am inspired by his knowledge and encouraged by his true belief that Ayurveda is the modern worlds way forward. Because he has broken down the text, he has helped me enormously to really fall in love with Ayurveda with all its complexities and simplicities."

"It has been an incredible journey of discovery where everything fits like a jigsaw and the big picture makes so much sense. Thank you Atreya for bringing Ayurveda into my life, and for being such a good teacher."

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