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Ayurveda has a health system can be used in three primary ways:
- for wellness
- to prevent and treat simple disorders
- to prevent and cure chronic and difficult disorders



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Prana Prana is a Sanskrit word that has many profound meanings. The word is composed of two parts - pra = foreword or before, and ana = breath. What is before breath? Life is before breath and is the cause of breath. One synonym of prana in Sanskrit is Ayur. Prana and Ayur also mean soul (Jiva) and are responsible to hold the soul into the body. Nothing can exist before prana. [ Read more ] » All our books
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I had an interesting experience in February when I flew to Southern California to spend time with my dying father. As soon as I arrived in California my digestion and elimination functioned perfectly – even with a less than optimum diet. This idea is expressed in Ayurveda as Satmya. The concept of Satmya can be translated as a “A thing or substance or habit that is useful for the body”. Or another definition could be “A substance conducive to a person is called Satmya”.

This concept in Ayurveda is sometimes called the law of adaptation or habituation. This definition is actually represented by the term : OKASATMYA. This indicates the possibility of the body to adapt to substance or climate different from their natal diet and climate.

I was surprised how quickly my body recognized and enjoyed to be home in Los Angeles. After 8 years living in Hawaii, 8 years living in India, and 17 in France I thought that my body would now be adapted to Europe or at least a more humid climate. Not so, my whole metabolism enjoyed being in my natal environment – even if I personally do not like it so much myself !!!

This illustrates the importance of adapting the treatment to the person and their Satmya. A failure to adapt the treatment will result in a failure therapeutically.

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