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Ayurveda has a health system can be used in three primary ways:
- for wellness
- to prevent and treat simple disorders
- to prevent and cure chronic and difficult disorders



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Moving Ayurveda forward in Europe

In order to move Ayurveda forward in Europe it is important to define what kind of Ayurveda we want to present to West.

- Wellness (relaxation, stress reduction, feel good, etc.)
- Prevention of disease through diet and lifestyle
- Treatment of disease through diet and lifestyle
- Ayurvedic medicine practiced by doctors (Western MD’s)

Obviously the best approach would be an open presentation of Ayurveda to Europe and not a one sided "wellness" have a vacation in Kerala approach. Nor would an overly strong medical approach be appropriate as Ayurveda’s strongest points are often found in prevention through diet and lifestyle, which can be better carried out by therapist than doctors simply due to the time involved to educate the patients.

There are movements in Europe by various therapist or practitioner associations to help regulate Ayurveda in Europe. This is a good goal if there is no self motivation involved. However, what is needed first is a definition of what a practitioner association can do vs a medical association. This is the prime problem at the moment is that practitioner associations think they can modify laws that belong both morally and politically to doctors and the medical community. This is just wrong thinking and will get no-where fast. Practitioner associations can help regulate therapists and practitioners roles in health care but cannot enter into the medical community in which they have little or no recognition.

It is important that the doctors who are currently practicing Ayurveda in Europe develop their own medical associations for Ayurveda such as has been done in Italy by run by Dr Antonio Morandi.

Trying to have a practitioner’s association regulate the medical aspect of Ayurveda is like to trying to make a Buddhist monk the Pope in Rome. It just will not work. If you want to be Pope you need to be Catholic!

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