Founded in 1998 the European Institute of Vedic Studies exists for the educational development of ancient Indian sciences. On this web site you can learn about Ayurvedic E-Learning program, consultations, ayurvedic organic products formulas, training, courses, books, publications etc
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Ayurveda has a health system can be used in three primary ways:
- for wellness
- to prevent and treat simple disorders
- to prevent and cure chronic and difficult disorders


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The Psychology of Transformation in Yoga The main thrust of this book is to present the Samkhya system in its true form – as an experiential system of transformation – not as a philosophy. The author presents a vision of Samkhya that he received directly from his teacher in India over a period of several years in the early 1990’s. Hence, the presentation is not scholarly, but experiential and alive. It is a book that will open minds and provoke new thinking. It is a ‘must read’ for any person practicing Yoga, Ayurveda or Jyotish as it provides the holistic foundation for these systems. [ Read more ] » All our books
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There will NOT be personal advise on health as Ayurveda cannot be done by phone, by mail or even internet. The importance of seeing the patient and studying the pathology is the most important thing. Otherwise any so called advise is just symptomatic and not really Ayurveda which treats dosha as the cause of pathology (CS, Su Ch 1.57)

  • Sugar suppresses the immune system
    Question: "The consumption of 100 grams of sugar effectively suppresses the immune system for 6 to 7 hours." Is this true for all types of sugar (including honey), or just refined (...)
  • New Website
    As you can see we have a new website, please be patient as we re-build the English site. I will be writing more and more on the blog as soon as we finish the transfer of all data onto (...)
  • Seva means selfless service
    Seva is a great idea in that it is meant to indicate the service of humanity for no personal gain - mental or physical. In practice 99% of people who are "doing Seva" are doing it for (...)
  • After childbirth - recovering normal health
    There is a typical kind of problem that manifests with women after childbirth. This syndrome gets more and more aggravated after each birth - this is all from my clinical observations: (...)
  • Why is it bad to work?
    Well it isn’t really unless you over do it. Although it certainly feels bad to work this is mainly because we do not like what we do. Finding an enjoyable work, such as mattress testing, (...)
  • Why is it bad to work at night?
    Why is it bad to work at night? Many artists or other people find it a good time to work. In answer to your questions: Basically when people work at night they cause Pitta and Vata (...)
  • What is a Dosha really?
    Dear Atreya, Everybody, speaks and writes about the Dosha, with some details, their qualities, their location and others details. My question is: What is a Dosha really? Response from (...)
  • Moving Ayurveda forward in Europe
    In order to move Ayurveda forward in Europe it is important to define what kind of Ayurveda we want to present to West. Wellness (relaxation, stress reduction, feel good, etc.) (...)
  • About evolution
    I have been thinking about evolution a lot these last months - with the winter sales underway of course we buy new clothes that don’t fit...... Why are all the sleeves too long now? For (...)
  • Magic pill
    Just finished teaching a good session in the United Kigdom with my students there. Aside from my lack of staminia the course went well. I am very positive about creating a soild group (...)

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